No Limit Hold’em – Online Poker Sit N Go Unbeatable Strategy Part II

In Part 1 we discussed playing an SNG with a minimum of 7 players. In this part, I will demonstrate how to play once you have four players remaining playing.

If there are only 4-5 players left in an SNG, your strategy must begin to shift. It is recommended to begin playing more hands, however, you must try at limiting your opponent’s preflop to just one or two. Limiting your opponents shouldn’t be a problem because you’ve created an image that is tight up at this point.

The other factor to take care of in this stage of the game is stealing blinds. At this point, you’re somewhere between 20 and 30 hours into your game, and the blinds may be beginning to grow quite large. (Now If you have some huge hand in the opening minutes of the game, and you’re down to five players within five minutes, you must not put too much effort to steal the blinds since they’re not very valuable at this point).

You’ll be amazed at how it is easy to get blinds because of the fast play at the early stages of the game and, more importantly, the fact that in the majority of 9 or 10 games the top 3 players earn profits. Everyone else is likely to tighten up and play only the best hands, due to fear of losing even though they are close to making cash, so you must profit from this and take their blinds.


Congratulations! You’re now winning. However, now you have to focus on the main prize, the first prize. Here is where you might require some real poker abilities to succeed. I believe that the lower the number of players you have in a poker slot siteleri the higher a player’s potential is worth.

There are numerous ways to be playing in this phase of the game, depending on your chip stack as well as the stacks of your opponents. You can play the way you’re most comfortable with at this point, however, the main objective should be getting heads in with at minimum half the chips of your opponents (this means that when you double up, you’ll become the leader in chip stacks).


If you’ve played with your opponent for thirty to forty-five minutes you ought to be able to form an idea as to which or the other of you is the superior poker player. If you believe that he’s a more skilled player than yours, I suggest that you wait until you can make a decent hand. However, it doesn’t need to be a great hand. A hand that will give you a 51 % or higher chance of winning the game.

It is recommended to take this opportunity and dive into it. The reason to take this action is that when your opponent is more skilled than you do in a heads-up situation, you will have less chance that you will win by more than 51 percent of the game (your odds are probably about 20 %).

If you believe that you’re the best player, then you must take the opposite approach. Try to defeat your opponent at a slow pace. You must try to knock him down a hand to hand. In the end, he’ll probably make an inexperienced hand out of desperation and you’ll be able to take him down. Just remember not to fall prey to temptation by a player who goes all-in straight away.

For instance, you are dealt pocket sevens, and your opponent jumps all in before the flip. While you may have the best hands but your hand isn’t all that great and your odds are likely to be between 55 and 45 for him. If you surrender and play the game you’ll beat him around 80 percent of the time.

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